What’s it all about anyway?


Labor Day that is…

 My memories of Labor Day consist of the Dog Days of Summer winding down.  Backyard barbecues. Where you wake up every morming in September in New England having no idea what the weather will be like!  You await the new school year for your children and think about what the year ahead will mean for them… Also, it brings back fond memories of collecting money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association through efforts of the annual Telethon begun in 1954…  Jerry Lewis, Ed McMahon, the ticker board, the telephone bank, the Firefighters in your town walking outside their stations raising money through their “boot” drives.  The car washes, Lemonade stands, Carnivals, etc.  The list goes on.  That one day, many people who were on Holiday, School or just their regular routine stopped for even a brief period of time and tuned in to see not only celebrities sing, dance and make heartfelt pitches at fundraising but you also got to meet the actual benefactors of your donation.  You were instantly brought into their world, albeit even for five minutes.  Special children who were blessed with even more special parents.  Most made Angels long before they should have. Last year I was so disappointed that MDA decided not to have Jerry Lewis host the Telethon and move in another direction.  Reducing the Telethon from an overnight and all Labor Day event to a six hour one really changed history.  This year it was reduced even further to a three hour event which was pre-taped. I know all things must change, just like the seasons in New England but a light has been diminished. Today I think of my friend Lisa who was blessed with one of these special and gifted souls; he now who is an angel among the stars.  He never had to walk alone for he was greatly loved and admired by many.  RIP Ronnie


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