Monday Musings…

Welcome Monday…Back from my weekend away and it was a blast!  Got lots of pages done for the boys Scout books.   Last week was such a challenge for me as a Mom.  Lots of grumbling over homework, lots of one on one with my Noah who decided that Math was not all fun and games.  So after lots of negative energy contributed by both of us it was GREAT to see the fruits of his labor when he came home from school today with some of his marks.  I was doing the happy dance and I wanted to share it will all my peeps….and all the other Moms out there who might get discouraged when they and their children hit the bumps in the school road…..I am a proud Mom to a smiling Fourth grader tonight.  May we finally be on an upward trend of success!

His Spelling Test – 102%

Weekly Math Test – 100 %

Vocabulary – 100 % on all 3 Tests!

And an A+ on his big Ellis Island Landmark Report!


About formangirl

Married and Mom to two my sweet boys Alexander and Noah. Also FurMom to Rocky the Pug. Avid Family Historian and Scrapbooker.
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