Food glorious food….



Today the subject of Kids and Food Etiquette came up on one of my online groups.  Good table manners was instilled in me as a child and nowadays I am seeing many kids who don’t seem to be getting any guidance in this area.  Why, I wonder??

Being Italian, sharing a meal with people is an almost “reverent” experience.  One I don’t take lightly.  When I cook, especially for family or friends, so much more than ingredients end up in the pot.  My love, prayers, positive energy also get steamed, poached, sauteed and baked into it.  How better to honor this than to exhibit respect at the table?  Here are some of my rules at our family table…Do you have any at yours?

Ah yes, table etiquette… of my major pet peeves… least I know by the time they are dating age, they will be well mannered and invited back.
I have a lot of rules when it comes to the table….and my boys (yes all of them) get tossed from the table for infractions.  Can you tell I have boys?  My rules:
1.    Clean Hands.  (Sounds like a no-brainer, but you need to ask them)
2.    No fighting, insulting, smacking, yelling or bad talk at the table.
3.    No elbows on the table.
4.    No toys, books or electronic devices at the table.
5.    No chewing with your mouth open. I made it, I don’t need to see it minced.
6.    No talking with your mouth full.  I am half deaf now for goodness sake.
7.    No food hoarding (this one is for Noah, who for some reason thinks every night is Holy Thursday (Last Supper joke).
8.    No leaving unfinished drinks.  I love it when you fill a 16oz cup and take one sip.
9.    If you asked me to make it, you need to eat it. This one is for Alex whose food choices change on an every 1o minute basis.
10.   Don’t feed the pug.  I empty my wallet for gourmet food for him (Blue Buffalo), he doesn’t need our food.
11.    Take your dishes to the sink please. (although I play a maid on TV, I am not one in real life).
12.   Give thanks.



About formangirl

Married and Mom to two my sweet boys Alexander and Noah. Also FurMom to Rocky the Pug. Avid Family Historian and Scrapbooker.
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2 Responses to Food glorious food….

  1. Brenda Blais says:

    Laurie, you sound so like my dad. He instilled so many of these rules (the no bad talk at the table, elbows off, pick up after yourself. I too taught my kids the same. However, I hope they do the same as grown adults now, the only time they eat the table is during holidays for dinner with the family.
    I am reminded of a young man I recently had dinner with along with his family. He never sat down, picked at his food the entire time, and I mean picked from the inside of a burger to the outside after eating all his fries first. He was a very large young man and only 9 years old. I hope he learns to behave better at the table soon, or I am sure his teen years won’t be fun.

  2. Chris says:

    I remember this post!

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