Feburary 26th….



  • A woman in South Korea on this day in 2002, made the most selfless decision a person can make; to make a life plan for her newborn son in order for him to have a better life.
  • That through the wonders of God who is all loving, we were selected to parent this amazing child.
  • That each day I am tested, challenged and rewarded by his specialness, his adaptability, his zest for knowledge and sense of adventure.
  • I am blessed with a family who welcomed this unknown baby into their lives with open arms and a willing heart.
  • That a baby born into your heart is just as real as one born from your body.
  • That someday he may be reunited with his Birth country and all the goodness that may result from it.
  • That I grew into the person I was meant to be…

I love you Alexander Min Woo..you are the Sunshine of my life!



About formangirl

Married and Mom to two my sweet boys Alexander and Noah. Also FurMom to Rocky the Pug. Avid Family Historian and Scrapbooker.
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One Response to Feburary 26th….

  1. Chris says:

    Love it.

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