Tuesday Treats…

Happy Tuesday….

Well yesterday the windows were wide open, the boys were sporting shorts (in the house at least) and off to Spring I thought we were…However typical New England fickleness has kicked in and this morning it was a balmy 31 degrees….so much for those early Daffodils…

Blowing through like a breath of Spring is the new book I started last night – – – >

endofyourThis book is already in my head and in my heart.  I know it will be one I share and recommend probably till my friends and family want to put me in on mute….

Yes, it is a true story….yes, it is about someone’s story about battling Pancreatic Cancer and losing that battle.  BUT, it is so much more.

I started this book yesterday….and am really enjoying it…no, more like savoring it.  I knew before starting the book it was about a man and his Mother and how they started a “BookClub” towards the end of her life. What I didn’t plan on was how different and special this book would be. For us who are passionate about our books, you will fall in love with the Mom and how connected she is to her books. In the first 100 pages, you meet MaryAnne and Will; M0ther and Son and step into their lives through the books they have read independently and together. You step into her world as it comes to an end as she bravely battles pancreatic cancer. She takes you on a tour; not only on her life but also through her great love of the written word and how those words through the pen of many authors has shaped her world, values and even the raising of her children. Although you can guess the conclusion of this story, it is not dark or depressing and leaves you wanting to keep reading. I already know I regret never having met MaryAnne and Will.  I especially relate to this story having battled cancer and caring for my Aunt who recently lost her battle with pancreatic in December.  There is a sacred bond which forms when you help bring someone into the world as well as being part of their passage into the next one.  It is unfortunate most people will miss out on both of these special moments.

Give this book a read and drop me a line on what you think!


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Married and Mom to two my sweet boys Alexander and Noah. Also FurMom to Rocky the Pug. Avid Family Historian and Scrapbooker.
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