Defending Jacob…I just couldn’t


Finally finished “Defending Jacob” by William Landay.  When I say finally, it should have taken me 2 days and it took 4.  Oh well, I still have plenty of time to complete my Book Club reads for the month and possibly still be able to sneak in something in my TBR pile!  Here is the review I posted on Amazon…give it a read!

“Another first time read for me by this author…First and foremost, the narrative character Andy Barber was easy to connect with.  You believed him and in him, you knew he was a good guy who worked the entire book trying to solve the crime while keeping his family and life intact.
Without giving too much away (and believe me to do a great review, I feel you would have to)let me say it had the makings to be a 5 star Legal thriller.  Unfortunately it fell short for me due to a few reasons.  1. Lack of character development.  In stories where there are not tons of characters, I expect and need the author to develop the ones which are on every page.  The Barber’s had lots more room for character development.  No extended family (with the exception of Andy’s Father) is ever mentioned.  To make the story truer, they should have at least been mentioned and been there as a source of support.  It blandly reveals that basically not one friend stood up for any of them during the Jacob’s trial.  Nice friends huh? I also kept rehashing in my mind that Jacob was in eighth grade, while it just seemed due to the behaviors, privileges he should have been in high school.  I struggled this while reading, having to remind myself he was only fourteen.  2. Jacob was a strange character for me. Yes, I know teenagers can be odd-ducks, however this child you never saw breakdown, rant or fight for his life.  Why did they never request a lie detector test? So off the bat, you knoe something is not right with him? They danced around the possibility he had several serious disorders, but never talked about presenting a mental defect defense? He too had no true friends..weird.  3. Not a great job with the ending.  Let’s leave it at that….
This book is delivered to the reader in four parts.  Parts one and two were a bit long and drawn out but parts three and four did seem to fly.  Even so, I couldn’t overlook the fact what I wanted in the earlier parts never came in the later.  I wanted to like the Barber’s, but in truth Laurie and Jacob were hard to like and relate to.  Andy and Laurie lacked any romantic chemistry right from the start and by the end it wasn’t hard to imagine that perhaps Jacob had suffered because of it.
This would be a great Book Club read…because there is SO much to chew on…I will definitely read Landay again, at least one more go….”

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  1. susanbright says:

    A great choice for a book club!

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