Happy Nurses Day…


Today I want to recognize one of the most important medical professions in the world.  NURSES.  Day in and day out they offer their support, inspiration and motivation through their compassionate hands and healing touch.  I have met a few “pissers” in my day, but also some AMAZING ones which made such a difference in my recovery.  I will always remember my little Vietnamese nurse whose name I never got in the post-op at the Brigham after my surgery.  She held my hand tightly and got me through the worst.  Upon sending me upto the room, she kissed me on my cheek, told me she would pray for me and hoped my pain would be gone soon.  She left her mark on me and truly was an Earth Angel.  I always wanted to be a nurse and actually went to Nursing School a long time ago.  Not finishing is one of my greatest regrets.  BUT I have come to realize you can professs the vocation in your daily life without ever earning the initials after your name.  Remember the Golden Rule.  Treat all the people you meet with kindness, compassion and respect.  Strive to leave your world a better place than it was before you were in it.  Hug a NURSE today and tell them thanks!



About formangirl

Married and Mom to two my sweet boys Alexander and Noah. Also FurMom to Rocky the Pug. Avid Family Historian and Scrapbooker.
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