Book Review of “That Will Do Nicely” by Ian Campbell


I was recently given the opportunity to review the book “That Will Do Nicely” by Ian Campbell and just finished it!  Since my background is in Banking and Technology, I knew I would enjoy the combination of both.  This story introduces us to Tom Pascoe, a thirty something guy who experiences marital discord and the shame and embarrassment of being swindled by his cheating wife.  He puts his mind to work and decides to fight back after learning he is responsible for the debt his wife has left behind.
To be honest, in the first few chapters, I didn’t like Tom very much. He seemed boring and dull. I believed him to be a very weak character.  The story did pick up about 1/3 of the way through and had me intrigued due to the scheme he created in an attempted to get out of debt.  The author’s knowledge of how the bank’s clearing system works shows he did his research.  Some of the technology references are now a bit obsolete, but that is the way technology is in the real world.  The remainder of the story flowed well and I especially liked the ending which had a twist I won’t reveal.  To me a good ending is worth the price of admission!
The downfalls for me (and not just with this story, believe me) are loose ends. I really get hung up on them not being nailed down or resolved.  In this story I had many questions, which took away from my overall opinion of the book.  Authors need to realize, we the reader are painting a canvas of sorts when reading.  When things are just left off to the side and not finished, it can make their work appear disjointed and a bit sloppy.  For me, I wanted to know more about the wife.  Why she married him in the first place when he obviously couldn’t provide for her the life she wanted?  Whatever happened to her?  When he met Sam, who was she really?  What happened to her house and all their belongings?  The money they stashed in the car?  Did he really just abandon his parents?  It just seemed a little easy.
All in all an entertaining read….



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