Heft by Liz Moore

What are you reading?  I just finished Heft by Liz Moore.  Here are my thoughts….




Reading HEFT was a switch up from the books I have read recently.  This was my first time reading one of Liz Moore’s books, but now I am eager to check out her other works.
The characters in Heft; although not a lot of them were developed extremely well, a point I factor in as so important when separating a good read from a great one.
Set in New York, the books opens up with the character Arthur Opp, an obese man who admittedly weighs between 400-500 lbs.  He allows you into his reclusive world; he hasn’t been outside in two decades.  You begin to learn about his early life in small bits.  As the story progresses more characters get introduced and begin to fill out the Arthur’s world.  You meet Charlene Keller, a friend met many years prior who factored into a single life changing event leading to his reclusivity.  You meet Yolanda, who begins as an ordinary and insignificant character and who ends up opening his world to new possibilities.  And finally, you meet Kel Keller, who is in search of himself, the world and his place in it.
This book is a story I describe as “rich”.  You learn about human frailties in addition to their strengths, about getting a second chance in life and about how the most important and fulfilling relationships are not always conditioned by blood ties.
I always tell people, the greatest books are ones whose characters I think about days and sometimes months after completing.  I will say that I can now add Arthur to that list.

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