Book Review – The Echoes of Love by Hannah Fielding


Requested to do a review of this book…Here it is!


I just completed reading The Echoes of Love by Hannah Fielding.  This was my first time reading this author.  Set in Tuscany and other areas of Italy, the author certainly provides the reader with an immediate transport into one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  Her central character Venetia is battling some demons from a prior relationship which has soured her in the love department.  Estranged from her parents, she has joined her Godmother in Italy working as an art restorer in her business.  Into her life walks Paolo; tall, dark, confident and everything you would expect him to be.  Paolo is recovering from a horrific car crash which killed his wife and resulted in him sustaining amnesia.  And the story continues with their paths crossing as she is about to get mugged.  Immediately attracted to her, he tries his Italian charms on Venetia which she rebukes.  Although the story is predictable in many parts, the obvious research the author has done on the countryside and culture of Italy kept me engaged.  In order not to give away any spoilers in the story, suffice to say there is a twist to the story you won’t see coming.  If you are a lover of Romance and Italy, this is definitely a story you will enjoy with enough love scenes to steam up your glasses!  If you are looking for a complex plot, this is not the read for you.  This is better left as a summer or vacation read and if you are lucky you will be spending it in Tuscany!



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