Vampires and Victorian England…


I received this book to review and since Vampires are not my schtick was hoping I could provide a fair review for the author. The story opens up with Thomas, a distressed fiance poised at the deathbed of his beloved Dawn. The year is 1853 and the only Doctor in town is feared instead of revered. As the young woman’s family prepares for her death, Thomas refuses to give up and seeks the aid of the mysterious Doctor. From here the story twists and eventually fast forward to present day.

Without giving too much of the story away, if you like Vampires and a bit of the macabre, give it a try. It is a quick read and I hope to see more by this author in the future.


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Married and Mom to two my sweet boys Alexander and Noah. Also FurMom to Rocky the Pug. Avid Family Historian and Scrapbooker.
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