The Magic of Book Making….


I was so excited to be able to review the “little book of Book Making” by Charlotte Rivers.  This book has it all!  With its hardcover and compact size, it is perfect for travel crafting and referencing.  As a lover of books of all types, I enjoy making my own mini albums and scrapbooks and am always on the hunt for learning new artistic approaches.
In this small nugget of reading goodness, you are introduced to Book Binding artists from all over the world presenting their unique styles of folding, stitching and constructing.  It has over 20 tutorials with simple illustrations which make trying this on your own not as daunting as one might think.
I love there is history provided behind the particular binding style.  Many of these designs have been around for decades.  I am excited to sit down and work my way through each design.  I will post them on my Blog for all my followers to see.
If you are in the market for a new and different crafting book or you have always wanted to give book binding a try,  I recommend this book.

Making books by hand has never been cooler, with this inspiring guide to 30 top bookmakers working today, plus 21 tutorials for essential techniques to make your own books.

Crafters, artists, writers, and book lovers can’t resist a beautifully handbound book. Packed with wonderfully eclectic examples, this book explores the intriguing creative possibilities of bookmaking as a modern art form, including a wide range of bindings, materials, and embellishments. Featured techniques include everything from Coptic to concertina binding, as well as experimental page treatments such as sumi-e ink marbling and wheat paste. In addition to page after page of inspiration from leading contemporary binderies, Little Book of Bookmaking includes a practical section of 21 easy-to-follow illustrated tutorials.

ESTHER K. SMITH, author of How to Make Books, collaborates with typographer Dikko Faust and other artists and writers at Purgatory Pie Press in New York City. Their handmade books have been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and London’s Victoria & Albert Museum. Their artist books are housed in many rare book collections including the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum, and the National Gallery of Art. Smith teaches throughout the United States, Canada, and England, and every term at Cooper Union in New York City.
 “I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

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