Great Book on Typography and Stenciling!

I am addicted to all sorts of Fonts and Typography.  I use it on my handmade cards, scrapbook pages and free-form art I create.  When I had the opportunity to receive and review Dina Tanamachi’s newest book; DIY Typography & Stencils I jumped all over it!  This book may not impress everyone, but to artists from amateur to intermediate they will quickly recognize what a fabulous asset this is to their toolbox arsenal for lettering.
You will find this book to be amazingly simple with very little text.  Dina describes her personal experiences in design and provides how she has used lettering in her day to day life as well as taking her ideas to market.  Aside from that small section of the book, the rest is comprised of two sets of lettering stencils which can be removed from the book and used as reusable templates (Lower and Uppercase).  There are suggestions on how to shade the letters to create unique looks.  So many possibilities.  From invitations to cake decorating all the way to sign making and wall stenciling the sky is the limit.
I have already created a mini monogrammed album after removing the stencils from the book, and placing on an “O” ring!  I will come back to these for use on many projects.
For the stencils alone, the book is worth the price of admission!
p.s. If you are looking for a book to give detailed instruction on typography or tutorials this might not be the book for you…I just think that in the spirit of transparency, that should be stated.  BUT if you would love a great set of stencils, go for it!
“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”



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2 Responses to Great Book on Typography and Stenciling!

  1. louisajd says:

    Thanks for the tip! I think I’ll have to check this book out… Have recently started painting and doing collage, so this will be a good tool to incorporate bits and pieces of my writing!

  2. louisajd says:

    Reblogged this on Southern Bend Books and commented:
    I have recently (last weekend!) started to learn how to paint. I really enjoy it, but I also wondered if there was a way to incorporate my writing into pictures… Then I saw the review of this book of typography and stencils in the blog Fifty Shades of Wonderful. I’m curious — I love putting together digital book covers and messing around with graphic design (very amateurly!). And I think letter stencils would be a great way to mix the visual and the textual, so to speak. I’ll keep you posted…

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