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I have discovered journals and planners and since I appreciate a good self-help book, I decided to give this one a try. I am not really familiar with Lea Michele to be honest and was more drawn to the book because of its idealogy and its cool cover which is covered in a cool Pink Zentangle design. Yes, I know that sounds like a weak reason to try out a book.

The book is big enough to have substance yet small enough to take with you in a tote or briefcase which is definitely a plus for me ask I like taking my journals on the go.

I wish I had the opportunity to edit this book prior to publishing. In my opinion it is a case of too many topics contained in one book and not enough focus on any one. For example: it provided categories on Food Journaling. Has sections for Week 1 and Week 2. What happens beyond that? It has other sections on Relationships, Coworkers, Roots, Shopping List, Creative Goals, Exercising, Role Models, etc. All of these are viable journal topics, but not all in one book. The author is forced to shortcut each topic. I would have rather had separate journal options.

It does provide the reader with some things to think about in order to begin to make positive changes in their life, and for that the purpose of the book is served. Just not my cup of tea.
Journaling Your Way to Your Best Life. Lea’s second book, ‘You First’ is about respecting and understanding what you really want—and then going out to achieve it. Keeping a journal and asking yourself the hard questions about what you want out of life is the best way to achieve your dreams. Lea’s guided journal will address all the topics she wrote about in Brunette Ambition , including fitness, diet, work, school, and relationships, but with all-new material to help readers reach their goals and inspire them to live their best life.

**I was asked to provide a review for this book from Blogging for Books**


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