Are You a Pun Lover?


The Punderdome Card Game is an interesting addition to add your board game collection.
When I selected this game, I didn’t really quite “get it” to be honest and I was unsure if it would be something my children would even contemplate playing.  Nonetheless, we broke it out when the power went out.  I feel after working our way through it, it would be best left to the 14+ crowd.  It does take more thinking than you are probably used to when playing on game night, but you quickly get into the groove of thinking in Puns, something I don’t normally do.
The game has clear and brief instructions and you begin by selecting two theme ideas to work with.  The person whose turn it is needs to create a unique pun from those two cards. For example, you might receive the cards Primary and Location. I picked “First Place”. The player who creates the most creative and craziest pun, using the chosen words becomes the winner for the round!
What I really like about this game is its great portability!  Tuck it into a tote bag, and you have a game that is ready to Play wherever you are with no pieces to lose!  I also like the fact that you can interpret the rules as you want to, kind of how we play Monopoly in my house! 
In a larger crowd, we tried it playing in teams vs. individual play.  Give it a try if you want to break out of the old board games rut.  You may never think of Puns the same way again!
***I received this game from Blogging for Books in exchange for a honest review.***

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