Take a Voyage through Coloring!


I am addicted to Coloring Books (as I was as a child) and just have to grab anything that Daria Song publishes.
Her stories and her illustrations are both dreamy and fun.  I actually can feel myself relaxing as I open her books and take pencil in hand.
The Night Voyage doesn’t disappoint!  The illustrations are intricate but not so teeny that it makes it difficult for coloring.  Her books are always printed on high quality and heavy paper so you could choose pencils or non-alcohol markers without fear.
Among the images, this book includes flowers, a little steam punk with gears and things as well as different types of birds and all sorts of flights of fancy!  The characters are charming as I am sure you will agree.
This would be a great book to gift to someone who is housebound, in the hospital or nursing home or just the average crafter who loves to color!


This third adult coloring book in Daria Song’s Time series follows the little girl on a new nighttime adventure when the conductor of her toy train comes to life and helps her distribute gifts across the world.

The Night Voyage is an evocatively illustrated story of a little girl who is swept away on the eve of her birthday by her toy train conductor on a magical journey to distribute gifts around the globe. Taking devotees ofThe Time Garden and The Time Chamber on an imaginative new adventure, The Night Voyage continues Daria Song’s wildly successful series with the beautifully intricate art that her fans have come to love, featuring a world of paper cranes, penny-farthing bicycles, trolleys, cityscapes, and hot air balloon-filled skies.

If you have yet to experience how much fun Adult Coloring can be, start off with one of Daria’s such as The Night Voyage.  You will not be disappointed!
**I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review**



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